Welcome to the Choi Laboratory

The main objective in the Choi Laboratory is to discover specific, target-directed therapeutics for human diseases. The Choi lab integrates organic synthesis, computer-aided drug design, and chemical biology to discover bioactive chemical probes and therapeutic candidates. We design and synthesize small molecules that modulate specific biological targets in cells and animal models of human diseases. We are particularly interested in discovery of small molecules possessing novel mechanisms of action in order to understand specific functions of biological targets in human diseases. The discovery and techniques established in the Choi lab will advance the chemical science in biomedical research and facilitate understanding in human diseases for the development of therapeutics.

Lab News


Stephanie Landazuri (BA Student) joins the lab.


Diana Rodriguez (BA Student) joins the lab.


Orugbani Eli (PhD Student) joined the lab. Welcome!


Prof. Choi received PSC-CUNY Award (Enhanced, Cycle 51). Congratulations!



Prof. Choi received QC Research Enhancement Award. Congratulations!

Group Photos